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Almost 50 years of history

Letter from the Founder: D. Alfonso Ruz Jiménez

Welcome to our website.

I am moved when I remember our beginnings, some hard beginnings but a time that I long for and that I gladly share with you.

Together with my father-in-law, José Infante Castellano, we started the family business in 1973, in Montalbán, in a small warehouse that was in the family garden. My father-in-law’s connection with the world of olives dates back to his youth, in the post-war period he split olives in a garage to sell them and help the family economy.

At the beginning of the 80s we decided to create the brand and we had to find a name that would identify us and that is when EL MESTO was born, which is a hybrid of cork oak and oak, but we did not know that until many years later. For us, El Mesto was an emblematic tree of Montalban, a symbol of the town, almost a monument. An imposing 20-meter-high tree known to all, a meeting place that had once been a shelter for shepherds and peasants. The tree was strategically located on the edge of several farms and thanks to the friendship with one of the owners, it had been a very familiar place for us.

Over the years, the tree became hollow inside, and unfortunately, a strong storm in the summer of ’95 knocked it down. Only part of the trunk remained, but nature has been generous and a shoot began to grow that is already reaching a certain height. Our Mesto, our symbol, is not dead, it lives, both physically and in the memory of all Montalbeños.

Continuing with our story, thanks to our concern since the grandmother’s garden had a 6,500 m2 plot, we were able to grow and grow and we kept expanding and expanding… until, fortunately, we were left without a garden.

In 2007 my three children joined the business. They bring youth, knowledge and innovation to the company, but continuing with the same craftsmanship process, in the same way that their grandmother did. A third generation with a spirit of renewal but that knows how to respect the value of tradition. I have already met my personal challenge of being a good family entrepreneur, now it’s up to them to continue with the legacy.

I hope that our website allows you to get to know us a little better.

Receive an affectionate greeting,


Mr. Alfonso Ruz Jiménez
Founder Aceitunas El Mesto


Calle del Pilar, 25

14548 Montalbán de Córdoba


T: +34 957 31 01 74

E: correo@elmesto.com

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